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"A Simple And Easy To Use Multi-Service Instant Messenger"

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Pidgin provides simple features without all the bells and whistles that come with other instant messengers. And for those who don't want to give their profile information to an Instant Messenger, it's the best choice available.

The downside is Pidgin isn't the most eye pleasing instant messenger and while it has simple to add plugins, they don't offer everything some Instant Messengers provide already installed like syncing your profile, and having to sign into only one account and have it start up with all your services already there.

Overall if you want a basic instant messenger than doesn't sync your information and don't mind having to create all your Instant Messenger accounts each time you install Pidgin, then Pidgin is a nice option. Overall it's not as easy to use as Digsby or Trillian Astra due to always having to add new services each time you install Pidgin but it's a great alternative if you think Trillian Astra and Digsby have too many bells and whistles.

  • Simple And Easy To Use
  • Don't Have To Send Information To Pidgin
  • Simple Add-on Manager
  • No Good Themes
  • Users Must Add Their Services Each Time Pidgin Is Installed
  • Not As Feature Rich As Digsby Or Trillian

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13 Aug 2010

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